" When there is nothing left to do, what can one do ? " Zen proverb

Way too many links

Have you already noticed the huge amounts of links on the web ? Of course, you always think you will be online only for a couple of minutes, just to check the news and the weather report. But, before even realizing it, it's already 4 in the morning, you are having your third cup of coffee, and you are reading about the mating love dance of Australian dragon flies. And you have no idea how you arrived to that page.

The ZEN page

This is why the Linkless page is here for you. It's the Zen Web page. In case of emergency, come here. Sit down. Meditate on the fact that this page does not have any link. No choice to make, nothing new to discover. Only this page, and nothing else.

Just relax

First, you will madly go through this page with your mouse, looking for a link, like an addict looking for his next trip. And then, slowly, you will relax. Peacefully. Breathe deeply. Your muscle gently relax, your wrists get looser. This page does not display any images, nor Java code, nor downloads, nor frames, nor colors, nor sponsors. Only You.

You mind gets clearer

Once you have started to relax, your mind will become clearer and clearer. You will eventually free yourself from these links that always drive you further away. You will begin remembering people and places you knew before the Web. Ahhh? Isn't that great ?

A peaceful time

Here, in this Linkless page

Stay as long as you wish

You read the entire page, and there is nothing else to do. Stay as long as you wish. We won't tell anybody.